About us

“Wine Cellar Pulden Plc – Peroushtitsa” was founded in 1932-1933 as a cooperative to buy and process grapes and produce high-quality wines.
Currently Wine Cellar Pulden Plc produces the grapes from 3200 hectares of vines situated on the northern slopes of the Rodhopi Mountains and on the banks of Maritza River in the vale of Thrace.
The Cellar vines including the varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Mavrud – all specific to the region of Thrace.
The grapes are situated at between 190 and 230 meters altitude in regions with the optimum “terroir”. The excellent geographic situation combined with the mild continental climate (a warm dry summer and mild winter) and the soil conditions of alluvial, humus carbonate and sand stone result in the fine quality of the wine produced in the region. The grapes have a good sugar content (21,5-24%), total acidity 6,0-7,5 g/l plus optimal phenol contents, which protects against disease and pests.
We mainly produce wine from the grape varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and the popular Bulgarian varieties Mavrud and Rubin.

“Wine Cellar Pulden” Plc has one cellar for primary production – in the village of Brestnik and one for maturing the wines in Peroushtitsa. The company also has a vinegar factory in the town of Stamboliisky, equipped with modern acetate computer-controlled units, which is connected to Peroushtitsa by railway, thus facilitating exports.

“Wine Cellar Pulden” is situated in the vicinity of Peroushtitsa town, 18km from Plovdiv city, and occupies 80 square yards. Here we store, process and stabilize wines up to a capacity of 9,000,000 l. We have stainless steel vessels of 3-20 m3 capacity; ferro-concrete reservoirs of between 3-100 l capacity and oak barrels of the “Barrique” type up to 220 l. Our facilities include the latest installation for the temperature stabilization.
We also produce spirits up to a capacity of 1,200,000 l, including brandies, vodka and liquors.
In our bottling factory we have 3 lines producing 45,000 bottles per day. Bottling is done by cold sterile method as required by international standards and audit.

Primary cellar Brestnik - situated in village Brestnik, 25km from Peroushtitsa on the slopes of Rodhopi Mountains. The capacity is 8,000,000 l. There we have the most sophisticated equipment for the processing and storage of grapes. Rotovinimatics and vertical vinification stainless steel units and vessels for storage, together with permanent temperature control . Some 200 000 l of the wine is stored in oak barrels of 4,000-7,500 l.

Workshop for vinegar producing - situated in Stamboliisky, 6km from Peroushtitsa. The capacity is 770,000 l in stainless steel vessels . Acetification is processed in modern computerized equipment with deep fermentation.

“Wine Cellar Pulden” Plc produces high quality red wines under the guaranteed appellation of origin “Pulden” from varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Mavrud (the natural unique variety of Thracian valley) and Rubin (our original hybrid of Shiraz and Nebiollo). The latter is essential for the production of quality Cabernet Sauvignon and Mavrud blended wine with guaranteed appellation of origin for both varieties. This wine gives a good combination of flavor and bouquet, harmonic, soft, well balanced and with a lasting after-taste.

The most important aim of the Management of “Wine Cellar Pulden” Plc – town of Peroushtitsa is to achieve is the production of quality products that will be appreciated by Connoisseurs in Bulgaria and elsewhere.

One of the most precious assets of the “Wine Cellar Pulden” Plc is their team of highly-qualified professionals “Wine Cellar Pulden” Plc – town of Peroushtitsa has many trade contacts with clients from England, Germany, Benelux, Scandinavian Countries and the Czech Republic, etc. Over the last few years exports have become the most significant part of our commercial activities.